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There, we said it, it’s pretty plain and simple. HIRE YOUR WEDDING PLANNER FIRST. Our E’MAGINE Events & Co team hears it all the time. “Once I get my venue I’ll start looking for a wedding planner” – and it doesn’t matter if you are planning a North Carolina wedding or a destination wedding. That’s just a bad idea!   Locking In Your

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Destination: Jamaica!

Take one very stressed out bride planning a destination wedding in Jamaica, that just happens to be Shaunda’s  “little sister” who she’s known since her days at NC State and you have the perfect client for E’magine Events! Kristy and Lubert were amazing and being surrounded by the couple’s children, family and friends on their wedding day could not have been

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Welcome Home, Y’all

Home is where the heart is and there is no better indication of that than an incredible destination wedding. While our E’MAGINE Events & Co team has traveled to the Caribbean for a magical destination wedding in Jamaica, a large number of the destination wedding we create are right here in North Carolina. Whether you are coming back to where the two

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Having a beautiful wedding can be a huge production and E'MAGINE Events and Co knows it takes an awesome team to pull all of the details together. One of the most important details and one not to be overlooked is showing words of gratitude! There are lots of ways to show your appreciation to the people in your life. I Do Start with

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A Lady In Waiting

You’ve already asked everyone to be in your wedding party and you have an even six and six, but you still have that one friend that you’d love to include. But you don’t want an uneven number. Or, the other situation we see is that you have that one amazing friend who you would love to ask to be in your

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The Value of Experience

Wedding planning is an interesting career; a good number of people in the industry started out because they had a good time planning their own wedding. It’s that simple, one wedding, their money, their ideas, their day. That’s about the same as finding someone who just bought their first home and giving them your mortgage approval to go pick out the house

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Boys Will Be Boys

We know that getting the groom involved in wedding planning isn’t always easy; we know, our E’MAGINE Events & Co team has tried. Part of the challenge is life experience, for most guys they really have no clue beyond buying a ring and renting a tux. Here are some great tips to get your man involved in wedding planning.   Don’t Force It Don’t

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A Little Southern Comfort

Coming from Michigan, I wasn’t raised around the amazing rich architecture and history of many of the wedding and event venues we have surrounding us. Our E’MAGINE Events & Co team loves the vibe that unique venues offer when designing for weddings and events. Here are some of the venues in our region we are crushing on. Forest Hall at Chatham Mills The

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Creating Magic

We thought it was time to take a stroll back in time to when E’MAGINE Events & Co. rebranded ourselves and share some of Shaunda’s personality, talent, and vision. We know that our E’MAGINE Events & Co typical bride is a bit of a fashionista who enjoys the arts, and has a somewhat modern design sense. She enjoys the finer things

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Living Single

While Valentine’s Day is when the world celebrates those who are married or coupled, singles need to be considered as well. The television show Living Single is a classic from the ’90s and I decided that our E’MAGINE Events & Co team should design a styled shoot around this classic show and still celebrate living single.  We set the theme for

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