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A Lady In Waiting

You’ve already asked everyone to be in your wedding party and you have an even six and six, but you still have that one friend that you’d love to include. But you don’t want an uneven number.

Or, the other situation we see is that you have that one amazing friend who you would love to ask to be in your wedding party but you know, deep down inside, that she might not financially (or from an investment of time) be able to be in your wedding party.

You might want to consider a “Lady In Waiting.” Seriously, they date all the way back to the middle ages.

According to Wikipedia, they were an assistant to a noblewoman, acting as sort of a personal assistant.

On your wedding day, even with a wedding planner, you may want a close friend who you can trust to help take care of a few things.

We are sure your phone will be blowing up the morning of your wedding.  A Lady In Waiting can take care of those last minute texts and calls asking questions about start time, what room you are in or the address of the venue.

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Something as simple as carrying a clutch with touchup lipstick and blotting papers, to something a little more personal.

Nearly every bride gets into her wedding gown and has to go to that bathroom, bathroom stalls take a little navigating in a wedding gown. A lady in waiting is the perfect friend to assist you with holding up all of that fabric.

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At the wedding reception, having a pair of shoes to change into and your bag with touchups are the perfect jobs for this amazing friend.

While having a professional wedding planner is a huge asset on your wedding day to take care of the big pieces and make sure your day runs on schedule, a Lady In Waiting can help with those more personal details.