Growing up in a large home didn’t allow much of anything called “me time” – so whenever I see that my mother was about to leave the house and it didn’t matter where she was going, I would scream loudly “I wanna go, please can I?” (smile). I’m not sure if it was the fact that I was getting out of the house and away from my brothers and sisters or if it was cool breeze that hit my big forehead once that window was rolled down.

Planning the transportation manifest is tricky but yet very vital to your wedding day. This is why I stress hard – do not let family and/or friends take on this task – HIRE A PROFESSIONAL – that you have a signed contract with. Also make sure they are fully insured and your able to see the current driver license status. I know we love to find a shortcut to areas of planning the wedding, but If your driver is 15 minutes late – honey, it will change the entire wedding day timeline and especially if you’re on a time crunch – so there’s no way you should ever let a family/friend take on task this huge.

Remember, the ultimate end goal of having transportation to the ceremony and/or reception is for your wedding party and both sets of parents to have them all in one place at the same time. Sooooooooo first things first – RESEARCH: it has to be done but only if you didnt hire an experience wedding planner for they would do this leg work for you.  There’s specifics when it comes to limousines especially when it’s a company that don’t offer hourly (Side Note: if there is no hourly service I do hope you have an idea of your wedding day timeline to help you determine the best plan of action with the limo). But you would need to know where you’re going, from pick up, to drop off point, or the size, is there updated inspection, what are their plan B’s say if the vehicle catches a flat tire on the way etc.

Another reasonable resource – consider a town car, or a large SUV- heck minivans are still nice in my opinion. I know your nose just turned up lol – but try to focus on the why you’re going this route and how safe and timely the arrival would be.

If the company that you hire doesn’t have a transportation manifest – you create one (if you don’t have a planner) and make sure there are extra copies especially if the wedding party are being dressed in separate locations.

When you live in the bigger cities and/or heavier traffic areas – know when constructions are in place and if there’s any major local events coming in and out of your city especially where the ceremony will take place. Trust me – the more you know the better it is to plan in this area especially here in NC where its college territory and or a major sport event.

NOW after you have done this part for your wedding party – don’t forget about your out-of-town guests who don’t know anything about your city – let’s not assume that everyone has access to Google Maps – let us be forward thinkers – always proactive. Remember, more information is better than having NO information.

NOW I know you’re thinking – well we’re in a COVID world now – not much going on – Well, I will say this, yes you have a point, currently there isn’t much going on butttttt soon – I’m hopeful that we will have some kind of normalcy and knowing this information here is vital to your wedding day – trust me!