The Artistry of Wedding and Event Cakes: Trusting Your Baker

Our E'MAGINE Events & Co know that whether you are planning a milestone birthday party, luxurious wedding, or something fun for single friends- the cake is next level. Special occasion cakes are more detailed, shimmering, colorful, and bigger than ever before. Bakers are doing way more

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There’s No Place Like Home For Weddings

Ok, THAT is probably the last thing you’d expect our E’MAGINE Events & Co team to say, especially in 2020! But the truth is that home might just be the best place right now for your wedding. Earlier this year, we started talking about Micro weddings.

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Up, Up and Away: Balloon Decor

Our E'MAGINE Events & Co team loves balloon decor. Balloon sculptures are just too cute! They are a great way to add big pops of fun, color, and texture to any wedding or event. Balloon decor got a bad rap for wedding and event décor because

who gets invited to your wedding - wedding guest list- the cost of a North Carolina wedding

Wedding Guest Lists: Who Makes The Cut?

Let's be honest, a wedding guest list is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. Unfortunately, it's not something you can turn over to our E'MAGINE Events & Co team to do for you. Part of the stress involves two partners and two

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Micro Weddings Are On Trend

Somewhere at the end of 2019, our E’MAGINE Events & Co team started hearing about Micro-Weddings being hot for 2020. Micro-Weddings are sort of the tiny homes of weddings. Pretty much they are smaller weddings, most under fifty people, where it’s all about family, friends, luxury

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North Carolina Destination Weddings

We LOVE destination weddings! If you've followed our E'MAGINE Events & Co. for more than a minute, you know how much we love traveling and destination weddings, especially in the Caribbean. We also work with lots of local North Carolina couples to plan their weddings

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There, we said it, it’s pretty plain and simple. HIRE YOUR WEDDING PLANNER FIRST. Our E’MAGINE Events & Co team hears it all the time. “Once I get my venue I’ll start looking for a wedding planner” – and it doesn’t matter if you are planning

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A Tropical Safari

Our E’MAGINE Events & Co loves a fun party with a great theme, and when it is a baby shower in Downtown Raleigh you know we are all in. The mother-to-be already knew our team as she had been a bridesmaid in one of our previous

Merci - Thank you - Thank you notes - showing appreciation at your wedding


Having a beautiful wedding can be a huge production and E'MAGINE Events and Co knows it takes an awesome team to pull all of the details together. One of the most important details and one not to be overlooked is showing words of gratitude! There are

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A Lady In Waiting

You’ve already asked everyone to be in your wedding party and you have an even six and six, but you still have that one friend that you’d love to include. But you don’t want an uneven number. Or, the other situation we see is that you