North Carolina luxury wedding planner Shaunda Eggleston

E’MAGINE 15 Years!!!

Our E'MAGINE Events & Co team can hardly believe it's been fifteen years since Shaunda officially launched her business.   Slow and Steady In the beginning, she had a vision for the business name and knew enough to register the name right away. From there, she took an online wedding planning course and read everything she could get her hands on. When you first start

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  Growing up in a large home didn’t allow much of anything called “me time” - so whenever I see that my mother was about to leave the house and it didn’t matter where she was going, I would scream loudly “I wanna go, please can I?” (smile). I’m not sure if it was the fact that I was getting out

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Shaunda Eggleston of E'MAGINE Events & Co on the set of The Design Network's reality show Sleighed

Behind the Scenes of Sleighed

We'd guess by now you've heard all the buzz and seen our very own Shaunda Eggleston on The Design Network's holiday reality show Sleighed!     Check out our last blog post, Prepare to be Sleighed, to find out more about how Shaunda got picked for this fantastic show. Behind The Scenes It was so much fun for Shaunda to see a bit behind the

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Host and set of The Design Network and Michaels Craft Stores holiday show Sleighed

Prepare to be Sleighed!

We’re too excited to finally share our secret. Our fearless leader Shaunda was invited to be part of a TV holiday design competition called ‘Sleighed!’     Sleigh what? A few months back, someone reached out to us on our Instagram account – for real, we thought it was a joke. So, after talking to a few close friends, Shaunda responded to them. Before we

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The Artistry of Wedding and Event Cakes: Trusting Your Baker

Our E'MAGINE Events & Co know that whether you are planning a milestone birthday party, luxurious wedding, or something fun for single friends- the cake is next level. Special occasion cakes are more detailed, shimmering, colorful, and bigger than ever before. Bakers are doing way more than baking. They're artists and experts on what they do.     Follow Your Planner's Lead People come to

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home sweet home, wooden text on vintage board

There’s No Place Like Home For Weddings

Ok, THAT is probably the last thing you’d expect our E’MAGINE Events & Co team to say, especially in 2020! But the truth is that home might just be the best place right now for your wedding. Earlier this year, we started talking about Micro weddings. Weddings with fewer than 50 guests, so you can splurge on pretty things, really personal

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a bunch of colorful balloons floating in the clouds

Up, Up and Away: Balloon Decor

Our E'MAGINE Events & Co team loves balloon decor. Balloon sculptures are just too cute! They are a great way to add big pops of fun, color, and texture to any wedding or event. Balloon decor got a bad rap for wedding and event décor because years ago, people blew up a few helium balloons, tied them together with ribbon, and

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who gets invited to your wedding - wedding guest list- the cost of a North Carolina wedding

Wedding Guest Lists: Who Makes The Cut?

Let's be honest, a wedding guest list is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. Unfortunately, it's not something you can turn over to our E'MAGINE Events & Co team to do for you. Part of the stress involves two partners and two families working to rank the closeness of family and lifelong friends. Everyone is looking to

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bride and groom sitting at a table with their wedding guests -Intimate Gatherings - North Carolina Weddings- North Carolina wedding planner - North Carolina intimate weddings

Micro Weddings Are On Trend

Somewhere at the end of 2019, our E’MAGINE Events & Co team started hearing about Micro-Weddings being hot for 2020. Micro-Weddings are sort of the tiny homes of weddings. Pretty much they are smaller weddings, most under fifty people, where it’s all about family, friends, luxury and pampering your wedding guests. We’re already doing Micro Weddings and Intimate Gatherings When we saw this,

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Flag of North Carolina - North Carolina weddings - North Carolina Destination Weddings - North Carolina wedding planner

North Carolina Destination Weddings

We LOVE destination weddings! If you've followed our E'MAGINE Events & Co. for more than a minute, you know how much we love traveling and destination weddings, especially in the Caribbean. We also work with lots of local North Carolina couples to plan their weddings all over the state. It looks like early 2021 might be a mashup of destination weddings,

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