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5 Tips To Keep Calm During Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is super stressful!  There, we said it! Not just now with everything going on in the world, but all day, every day. It’s just a lot of work, with a lot of moving parts and a lot of personalities. Shaunda and our E’MAGINE Events & Co. team see wedding meltdown all the time. So, we decided to get super honest and share 5 tips to keep calm during wedding planning.

Avoid the Big 5

Five of the most stressful things in your life are getting married, starting a new job, moving, having a baby, and the death of a loved one.

We know that there are a couple of those things you have no control over. But, when you are looking at a wedding date, try to avoid a time when you might be looking at moving, starting school or looking for a new job.

Not that any of these make life impossible, we just see that even when working with a wedding planner, life gets more stressful.

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Set Some Rules

One of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is money – whether it’s yours or coming from one of the parents. If people are helping you with wedding finances, don’t just dump it all in one pot and move on with planning.

People want control over where their money is spent, so say, “Thank you, we’re gonna use that money for our wedding cake.” This way, if they want to give you input on your wedding, they get to share their two cents on the wedding cake.

You know the old saying, advice is like… well, you know. Everyone is going to have wedding planning advice for you, even if they don’t know your style or budget. So, learn to say, “Thank you, we’ll keep that in mind while we’re planning,” and move on.

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Take Time For Two

You can get caught up in wedding planning and forget to take some time for you and for the two of you as a couple. It’s really easy to do.

Create a ‘Wedding Free Zone,’ pick one day a week, and don’t talk about the wedding, don’t work on planning. You can even hang a sign on your space at work that says ‘Wedding Free Zone’ so people at work won’t ask you questions or share advice.

While you’re at it, take that day, and it doesn’t have to be the same day every week, and have a date night. If you are able, a night out doing something, even a walk in the park and a picnic is great. If you can’t get out, dinner on the sofa while watching a movie will work.

Just take some time together without talking about wedding planning or people’s comments about your wedding.

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Don’t Forget You

It’s easy for you to lose you in wedding planning, for both of you. Be sure that you each take a little free time away from each other that doesn’t involve anything wedding related. Spend time alone, doing something you enjoy doing solo, or spend some time with friends.

Take some time and pamper yourself! Schedule regular appointments to get your hair and nails done, get a massage, work out. Whatever it is that you like to do for yourself will help you feel better, be less stressed, and be more productive.

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Our E’MAGINE Events Co. team is here to take you through the planning, design, and execution of your destination or North Carolina wedding. But, taking care of you puts you in the best possible place for a great working relationship.

To find out more about planning your destination or North Carolina wedding with our E’MAGINE Events & Co. team call us at (919) 813-0749 or email Shaunda at [email protected]