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What can I say—I am a sucker for love

I knew it at eleven years old, when my Auntie’s nuptials gave me my first opportunity to be a wedding wing woman. While the seemingly endless cake tastings, dress fittings and shopping trips searching for the perfect weight of tulle would have exhausted some, it felt like heaven to me. I was enthralled not just with the details, but with the story behind them. Why the couple had to have a certain song, a certain space, a certain scent. All of those elements were woven together to make a statement, to capture how much they meant to each other. I scribbled in my journal that, one day, I’d get to make that magic happen for brides and grooms for a living. My passionate fire was lit.

And it hasn’t been smoldered since.

As a planner and a designer, I bring everything to the table. My flair for the arts and grand theater productions. My impeccable timing and taste. My abundant creativity. You get it all. I love to dive deep into your details—every one of them—to design an amazing day for every couple who I have the honor to work with. I believe this is more than a wedding; this is an experience. This is your love story.

And we’ll tell it with precision, perfection and passion. From start to flawless finish.

So close your eyes for a moment. Imagine your dream wedding day. What do you see? Is it stunning florals that practically touch the sky? Or is it layers upon layers of textures that speak beauty on each tablescape? A cathedral veil that sweeps the aisle? A live band or a celebrity DJ? A night of fist pumping on the dance floor surrounded by a crowd or an intimate evening family?

Once you’re done allowing your visions to run wild, we should chat.

I’d love to make it all happen for you.

Shaunda Eggleston

Owner, Luxury Wedding Planner, and Industry Educator 

Meet Shaunda, she is a lover of love and it shows in everything she does.

Beyond a career, weddings are Shaunda’s undeniable zone of brilliance. From her girly dreams to a God-given womanhood vision, the wedding industry is exactly where she was created to be. She brings her full portfolio of passion to her work— her unmatched creativity, her trained artistic eye and her affinity for poetry, music and theater—all of which have been cultivated by a devotion to her industry and what she does.  Everything she touches has a flow and a rhythm that reflects love and life, and it’s evident in the love stories she produces for her couples. Each element—from sleek floral designs to significant moments to honor the families’ legacy to fun surprises—is carefully crafted to make even the most unimaginable wedding dreams a reality.

Her meticulous attention to detail leaves no linen untucked and no boutonnière unpinned. Her inviting Southern charm and hospitality leaves no guest unattended. Her commitment to her couples leaves no heart unwowed.

When she’s not designing or teaching up-and-coming wedding planners, you can find Shaunda curled up with a Chris Tucker blockbuster or surrounded by finger snaps on stage at a local spoken word slam.

Originally from Pontiac, Michigan, she now calls North Carolina home.