You Just Got Engaged…Now What?


Bask in it…


         Dream about it…


Kiss him more while you think about it.


Take in the moment first!


Then talk dollars and cents, talk about what type of wedding you want from big to small, and time of year. Then create a guest list which is a must do – this will determine the cost analysis!

Sometimes, when you are asked about your budget, in your mind maybe you think it’s only the reception costs. But in reality, its EVERYTHING from your rings to your dress to your bridal party to including your honeymoon.

You go from being engaged to saying “I DO”- but you don’t want to be broke walking into your marriage.

Your guest list determines your cost per drink, per plate of food, per appetizer serving, per chair/chair cover, per charger, per linen napkin, per invitation, per escort card especially if you have a calligrapher, per centerpiece for a table of 8 including the linen and even per cake slice – all of these things add up.

One thing I’m good at is working numbers – so when I hear a potential client tell me that they have a guest count of 200 people but only $15,000 budgeted just for the reception – what I wanna say is this – you have just created a headache for yourself. But I will keep it 100% with you and tell you the truth.

If this number is true – reduce your guest count to 50/75 people – rent out a restaurant and keep the décor simple and chic.

I’m certainly not saying your budget and guest count is not possible – BUT what I want to convey is that you be realistic.


If you are stuck on this guest count and this budget then you are less concerned about centerpieces, chairs styles and linens do not try to make this a “My Fair Wedding” or a “Platinum Wedding” – you could have cake served as a twofold – have a group of family members bake their best cake (various kinds) and use the cakes as centerpieces and the dessert for the wedding – this gives an opportunity to have the guests to interact and socialize by wanting to try the various kinds of cakes.

I believe anyone can have what they truly want but I also believe is reality and dollars and cents has to equal reality.

Which therefore creates serene sanity and ultimately after you say “I DO” you are building a marriage.